Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We are not terrorists. We left because terrorists hurt our families. ISIL is not Muslim. ISIL is bullies.

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So .... I talked to the high beginners and a few intermediate kiddos today about Paris and its aftermath. (These kids are 11-14.) Mostly we talked about the fact that people in government and on TV are blaming refugees and Muslims for terrorism in general and the Paris terrorist attacks in particular.  Told them they may hear negative comments and may experience ugly acts from other students or within the community.  We talked about what they might do if these things occur, even extending to what kind of people we should ignore (and report!), and what kinds of people we might want to talk to and educate.  Their first instinct is to want to educate everyone, but we decided that angry people aren't ready to listen.  Their message is this:  "We are not terrorists. We left because terrorists hurt our families.  ISIL is not Muslim. ISIL is bullies."

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  1. Yes, thank you for pointing out the fact that religion does not define a person's personality and behavior. A belief system is simply a way of seeing and understanding the world. But crazy people come from all walks of life and all religious affiliations. ISIS is not representative of all Muslim people. It is a group of people with hatred in their hearts. I still believe that MOST people are GOOD. I feel sad that the crazy ISIL followers are making it hard for other Muslims who have come seeking a better life with less violence and more peace.