Helpful Websites



Connect With English Videos
Get extra practice watching the Connect with English video series here

Activities for ESL Students
Play games, take quizzes, read grammar, and practice vocabulary

Dave's ESL Cafe
Easy to use, lots of activities, including games, quizzes, pronunciation practice, and stories

Karin's ESL Partyland
Lots of great ESL activities ESL Guide
Quizzes and tests for different levels; employment opportunities for nonnative speakers

Oxford University Press
Online interactive ESL activities

Another Oxford Site
More online practice of grammar, vocabulary & listening
Please note that this is British English, and is slightly different from American English.

An English language website to practice conversation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and more AND all of it has sound so you can listen while you practice

English Page
For all skills, lots of activities, exchange messages with other students, and ask questions

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Excellent listening practice

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
A great place to learn more about writing and grammar is a comprehensive web portal with a wealth of resources for students and teachers of English as a Second Language: interactive exercises, message boards, good school guide, cool tools and more.

Extra Credit!
For 5 extra credit points, search online for another free ESL practice site that would be helpful for our class.  Send me the link to that site by email or leave it as a comment on this page.

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