Thursday, January 21, 2016

One more immigration/refugee story

I boren Iraq. Iraq bad wor bad pepill bad and to meny boms.Bom my school wen i am 6. i not in the school. sum pepill kild and 4 frends my sister.

my famly safe but after bom in school we go nuther sitey name keercook. this good sitey my famly and good school but my dad no find good work this sitey. him sad and mad and not nice my mom. we go agen. now my famly go turekey. this plas very safe but turkish pepill not like pepill iraqi. them bolees say bad name and go home and say we bringing trubel. but my famly happy and my dad happy. i go school in turekey 2 year lern turkish then we go back iraq but man kill my unckel and agen my dad sad. he fined working the armey base and him happy but me not happy the school.My teacher she hate me say I stupid I not knowing read in Arabic and I do turkish behave not iraqi behave. i lern be iraqi agen but her hit me evey day i not be reading the arabic. i like my frends the school but i afraid from my teacher.

when i go 4th grade i know read the arabic and think iraqi and i get new teacher and i happy with my frends. famly happy. i happy the school. Good is two years then danegur agen. More war more not safe not safe the sitey and not safe my dad.Say to him go.You famly not safe.We go america. Is scarey not war.Is scarey english. is scarey school. i not want go the school. i think teacher gun hit me for not know rede English. Teacher america not hit not mad not say me stupid.Teacher america simile say smart gerl. Now I america 1 year 3 month I know english.I know america math.i help new pepill from iraq from arabic in other cuntery to.