Dictionaries and Translation Sites

On the computer, I like Google Translator much better than Yahoo Translator, but play with both of them.  Dictionary.com has a translation site also. Write something in your language, translate it to English, and then translate it back.  Try a sentence or two of academic language (about science, geography, history, etc.), a sentence or two of conversational language, and a sentence from a book, magazine, or website you're reading in your native language.

Depending on what type of phone you use, there may be a dictionary or translator app that works well.  Play with the free ones first before you decide to spend money on a more advanced one.  I can help you find one for your specific phone and language.

Here are some online dictionary tools:

M-W is one that I use often with students.
Dictionary.com lets you hear the word and offers definitions from many dictionaries, but the page is very cluttered.

Extra Credit!
Look up the word cluttered!  For 5 extra credit points, copy the definition into a comment here, and tell me which dictionary or website you used.


  1. Cluttered is the past participle of the verb "clutter" and it is used like an adjective. This is from M_W.


  2. The accent is on the first syllable.

    1clut·ter /ˈklʌtɚ/ verb
    clut·ters; clut·tered; clut·ter·ing
    [+ obj] : to fill or cover (something) with many things : to fill or cover (something) with clutter
    ▪ Tools cluttered the garage. ▪ The garage was cluttered with tools. ▪ Try to avoid cluttering your desk with books and papers. — often + up ▪ Too many signs were cluttering up the street corner.
    — cluttered adjective [more cluttered; most cluttered]
    ▪ a very cluttered attic/desk/office/room