Monday, November 30, 2015

Some ESL Moments from the past

Today's ESL moment. The problem says to translate the triangle four units to the left. I walk over to our newest student (new!), who got the first two problems right, and I see that the triangle hasn't moved, but she has a sentence on her page in Farsi. I asked her what it said. "Triangle go four units right." Oh. "In MATH, Translate means to shift or move."

Student: "Ms. Markman, this math problem is not having fruits. I no understand."
Me: "Fruit?"
Student points to a problem involving a train traveling 70 miles PER hour. (Not PEAR)

Sixth graders are learning about ancient Mesopotamia, and my kiddos are very excited to see something familiar. One has been to a meseum in Baghdad and has seen the art from the reading in person.
They're also proud to be able to pronounce Mesopotamia.

Intermediate ESL Writing Student: I finish my story.
Me: You THINK you have finished, but we still need to REVISE.
Kid: I not lie! I finish! Look!
Me: Let's look at the steps. You FINISHED Draft. Now we can REVISE.
Kid: OK. But I no lie.

Discovery in the newcomer class today: The google translator has no clue what to do with the following sentence:

Registered a new kiddo today.
"I taked theatrics in the old school. Is this a opssin?"
"We camed on the car from Mexico and pasted San Antonio."
"My mom want me toking English all the day."

I had to explain the difference between "He doing me." And "He's doing it for me."

"I am NOT liaring! Is truth!"

Direct from an ESL student's journal: "There are 16 audiences in the sit. After play we disgusted thinks happen in the play."

"Halloween I be army. I say you under arrested!"

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  1. I love reading the students' thoughts and writing! Will you continue to post or has your assignment changed, Ms. Markman?