Monday, November 16, 2015

One More Immigration Story

One of the students in the intermediate class also wanted to include his story.  He did not have to do this, and it is not for a grade.  But he saw everyone else's window and story and felt compelled to write his own.  He worked on this after school and then at the library.  His older sister helped him.

Story is my immigration

I born Iraq in and I school in Iraq 5 and 6 years I was lidle. Now I 13 year old.

To much wars in Iraq and bomb and bomb and fire my house. Army say my father we musting go another place. We go Jordan and my uncle and my aunt and my cousins and my big brother and my sister and my brother baby.  One year no school. I play my cousins.

Jordan we go the refugee camp. Food is small and bad and refugee camp is bad fight the people.  We live the tent. Many day is danecherus not go out side the tent. we go the school my brother and sister and me and I no liking the school. Teacher he hit me say I no do the math. Teacher say I learn or not can have the school.  I fight the boy that he stealing my food and teacher say finish the school.  Two year I not go school and play soccerball and help my father. My uncle living Baghdad go to America to Texas and they say we go to America.  

America very good and very nice and say I go to school. Is hard the school and I want play soccerball but is important learn Englis and get good job. Now I go to school evi day and I do the homeworks. I play my fridns in night and week end. America peple and teachers very good.


  1. Thank you for this view into a world that we in America cannot even imagine. I wish you much success in your new life here in America.

  2. Your stories are very interesting and SO IMPORTANT to write and document! I hope you will continue to write stories!! When I came to Texas from Michigan, I didn't like it at all! Now I have adjusted and am very happy with my family here.