All of the photos, scans, and pictures I use in class are available to you in my Picasa albums. You may download them, use them online, ask your classmates about them, and use them for writing assignments.  More pictures will become public each week.

Extra Credit!
5 pts. Open this album by clicking on the picture.

descibe this person or group

Fore extra credit, leave a comment here that links to one of the pictures in the album that you think is from your country.  Write two sentences about the picture and explaining why you think it is from your country.


  1. For Japanese wedding, it is traditional that a bride wears a special type of Kimono called "Shiromuku". There is also a Kimono called "Hakama", which a groom wears at a wedding. Wedding would be one of the most wonderful moments to brides, and the picture taken for them always becomes a something special to be filed and retained in an album for many years.

  2. For Mexicans, these are traditional dresses, these dresses are used by women who participated in the Mexican Revolution.
    Currently used in festivals to remember these women.
    They are always very colorful.

  3. Risa,
    I was wondering if the fabric is symbolic of the time of year, or is any fabric for the bride's dress acceptable?

    Can you tell me who was fighting in the Mexican Revolution and why??

    Your writing is very good and I hope that you can answer my questions!
    Miz LaTee

    1. I taught these students in 2011 and am no longer in touch with any of them. But thanks for reaching out.