Sunday, August 7, 2011

After the Trip -- Lots of Writing Monday

We took a field trip on Friday and have a lot to do to catch up with our grammar lessons first. But before that, let's talk and write about where we went, what we saw and did, what surprised us, what amazed us, and of course the maddening heat.

After we process through all that within ourselves and within our group, it's time to write a thank you note or two. The first one is required, and that's the one for Richard, our tour guide from Whole Foods

. Listen here for some ideas on how we might do that.

Let's learn the form and format for thank you notes in general, and narrow it down to what elements we want for our class thank-you note.

I will also be thanking Tali, who woke up very early for a vacationing teenager, Pushed my chair around in 100 degree heat, was helpful in every way I asked, and was a pleasant traveling companion for all of us. Perhaps, you can each write a sentence or two to tag onto a bigger thank-you-card from me.

As you know, I am Ms. Electronic Gadget for nearly all of my communication, but for this task I use pretty stationery and nice pens.

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