Sunday, July 24, 2011


Welcome to Betsy's ESL 3-week class! You will find most of the information you need for class right here. I will post assignments, class handouts and worksheets, photos we use in class, and links for you to practice at home.

This is a class to help improve your English. You will listen, speak, read and write in class every day, complete homework assignments, and take one test each week.

Click here to see or download any handouts. The full supply list is there as well. Photos are here.

Class meets every day from July 25-August 12, from 8:30-10:30AM in room 106A. My office is in 106C, and you can come before school 8:00-8:30 from Monday to Thursday if you need extra help. You can also contact me by email or IM. I'll give out those details in class.

How to do well in this class:
  1. Come on time every day.
  2. Complete all assignments. If you don't finish in class, complete at home.
  3. Talk in English in class. We will do a lot of small group and pairs work. Even if you are working with someone who speaks your language, work together in English. A single word or phrase translation is fine, but all other conversation will be in English.
  4. Participate! Talk in class. Practice the dialogues. You do NOT have to get everything right. I do not expect perfect grammar. The focus is on communicating your message. Can we understand each other?
  5. Practice at home on the computer. I have a links to many practice websites and I can make you a practice CD if you'd like.
  6. Every page of my website has an opportunity for extra credit. Do the activities.
  7. You may instant message with me in the evenings (until 10pm) and on the weekends. I will give you my IM screen names in class. For this purpose, we will use full sentences and correct spelling, which makes it different from any other IM conversation any of us have outside the teacher-student relationship.

This class focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. We will study grammar and vocabulary, with a focus on communication skills. We will learn about the government, geography and culture of United States, and Austin in particular, and will have an opportunity to visit some important sites in Austin. We will compare Austin to other places we have each lived.

Other topics will depend on what interests you. We will vote in class on which of the following themes we want as a focus:

  • Getting around (transportation, asking for directions)
  • English for the work place (talking about jobs, applying for jobs, career options in the US)
  • Consumer English (how to shop and talk with store employees)
  • People (families, relationships, famous people)
Important school rules:

1. No food, drinks or gum in the classrooms.
2. No smoking in the building.
3. You may NOT park in the TIEP parking lot.
4. Attendance counts! 3 tardies (late) = 1 absence.

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