Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV, Movies & Other Media

Today is Monday, August 1, 2011.

1) Warm-Up

Write 3 sentences and 2 questions about this picture.

from class:
There are three people: grandfather, father & son.They are eating snacks. They are watching a football game on TV.The son is riding on his father’s shoulders. The man is holding his son.The grandfather has a beer in his hand.

  1. What kind of a sport game are they watching?
  2. What type of a sport are they watching? 
  3. Do they watch a movie?What are they watching? 
  4. Are they watching a movie? 
  5. Who are the people in this picture? 
  6. What type of food are they eating?

2) Survey: What kind of movies do you prefer?
    • comedy
    • drama
    • documentary (true)
    • historical fiction
    • romance
    • action
    • horror movies
    • science fiction
    • animation

3) Let's Talk:  How are TV, movies, and radio in the US different from TV in your country?

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