Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reflecting on my writing class

On the first day back in school after the break, I asked my ESL middle school students to reflect on the writing class, what they learned, what they wanted to learn, which assignments they enjoyed the most, what they'd suggest to improve the class next year, and what kinds of books they have been reading.  Here are a few of their replies:

I improved utilizing advanced vocabulary, the only complication is that I can't use them accurately.I relish that we get to enhance our terminology skills exceptionally. The laborious assignments are having to write a story with a genre, for example fiction, science fiction, and etc. . I don't think any of the assignments should be alternated because it's just hard for me. I have read 21 books so far. I need to read science fiction, but I just can't acquisition any books. I've learned some new words, check Murchison's website, and more to be more gumption. I don't have any propositions. I like engaging in groups of pairs because you can focus on one peer.
I enjoyed typing the stories, it gives my inspirations for my new story, ( it's out of school story) Mermaid's cove. The stories was creative and I typed so much I wrote over 10 pages, a new record!!!!!!! Back to the idea, I really enjoy writing it you might never know where it can take you, maybe one day I might be an author!
I improved my writing because i always wrote short stories and i love to write because you can type my stories on the computer and i write more long stories in this year. im very fast typing on the computer an its much more esiere typing in the computer
This semester I wrote my first story, and in the same time I learned how to use the past tense in a story. Of course, I think I need work again a lot on writing for learn different things, and for extend my vocabulary.I enjoy write stories because I like write in different genres and write in English is great for me !This semester, I enjoy write the two stories, but the first one was more difficult. It was a historical fiction so I wrote in past tense and I did search a lot of informations, also, It was more long.But I think it's a good exercise for my English !I would like read non-fiction the next semester, I read between ten and fifteen books this semester.
For things to do differently, I would like do more quick write like on Thanksgiving, also, I prefer working as a whole class or in center. 
i learn to improve my vocabarly and my grammer. i loved my story beyond, and all the story we did this semester help me. i still need to work on my writing snd my plannning and summarys. the mose hardest was my vocabulary, i think we should change some things like poem or reading infront of people. I read 10 books or more. what i didnt know was vocaburlary!  What i want to change is reading your story infront of people or poems.

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  1. WOW! I'm so impressed with the progress of these students with regards to their English language acquisition! They are doing so well. I guess somebody told them that the best way to become a better writer is by READING--some of the students have read over ten books already!! I hope someone will write a good book about their journey from their home countries to this country--many of us don't know what that was like. How does the change seem to them, their families? How is everyone transitioning with housing, school, and work? Please tell the students how great they are doing by working hard every day! It sure shows in their writing!!